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Successful software architecture evolves from the concepts of resiliency and composability. At macrofex we understand that a great product must be built on a foundation that suppports the dynamic evolution of its parts while maintaining resiliency in the face of change. This approach to software design and construction revolves around iterative cycles during which a product is carefully evolved with the features that best satisfy the business demands. These features are built as robust independent components designed to do one thing well. The integration of these components spawns systems that are scalable, robust, and change with more ease.

macrofex works alongside you bringing your business ideas into the digital world. Our experience developing practical solutions across commercial and government combined with our philosophy for developing robust products makes us uniquely qualified.

Our focus is on the development of high-performance, low-latency applications with Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP)-enhanced machine guidance of user activities and business processes. We based our solutions on battle-tested and robust platforms such as the JVM, the Erlang VM (BEAM) and Go.

Data Solutions & Operations

Data is the most valuable asset of a company in the age of the Data Economy. Turning your data into actionable information is essential to the operations of your organization. macrofex has deep experience with all aspects of data warehousing, ETL/ELT, business intelligence, and building scalable data pipelines. From streaming data solutions to high performance data architectures on platforms like Snowflake, AWS RedShift, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, and Google BigQuery, macrofex offers a suite of full service to accomplish your data operations and reporting objectives.

Our experience integrating Enterprise-grade products with open-source and proprietary solutions positions us well to meet your most critical business needs. If your small business generates, consumes or otherwise stores mission-critical data, macrofex has the strategies, tools and expertise to implement your most demanding data governance, data management, recovery requirements & continuity of operations (COOP).

We are committed to maintain high standards of quality and service. Our DevOps staff holds AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate, AWS Solutions Architect - Associate, and AWS Certified Developer - Associate certifications.

Our Method:   Better Software, Evolved

At macrofex we strongly believe in the power of Evolutionary Processes. Our solutions to your business needs are not boxed generic products. macrofex evolves your seed idea to a minimum viable product (MVP) and, ultimately, a practical solution using incremental steps. We keep you engaged as the solution evolves with frequent interactive reviews of our progress. This approach significaly reduces the risk associated with a software project.

Software Craftmanship is at the core of our design and development methodology. Our implementation of your ideas will be an expertly crafted product, a product built on the ideals of simplicity, effectiveness, and practicality. We ascribe to the idea of adding value at every step of the process. Every feature we design, every change we make, every enhancement we propose, is with added-value in mind.

We approach every product we build with the same level of craftmanship regardless of size or complexity.

Recent Projects & Product Portfolio

HealthTech Data Operations

macrofex principals assisted a health-tech start-up developed a high-performance batch ETL process to ingest hundreds of PostgreSQL instances into a performant RedShift data warehouse. Our solution leveraged an S3 data lake populated through a custom-built ETL process using high performance multi-threaded Python processes.

Technologies: AWS RedShift, S3 data lake, Athena, Glue, Python


In 2017, macrofex launched a state-of-art Law Practice Management product which incorporates significant advantages over the typical competitors. DOKKUMENTO was conceptualized, designed, and built entirely by macrofex as a scalable and flexible SaaS product that leverages advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) to streamline the workflow of law practitioners.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, Clojure, Python, NLP, GitHub


On September 2019, macrofex launched AUTOMATTIX, an intelligent Lead Workflow automation tool to assist marketing groups ingest and manage their sales funnel. Come visit us at and see how effective and simple automation can help your sales team!

Technologies: Elixir/Phoenix, Python/Lambda, PostgreSQL, & AWS

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